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About StaffingPedia

At StaffingPedia, we provide professional service to your staffing needs, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

Our team consists of experienced IT professionals, recruiters with expertise spanning multiple disciplines. This multidimensional approach, combined with our deep industry knowledge, enables us to offer customized staffing solutions that meet our clients’ unique business needs and goals. With our strong partner D-KAMP services, we go beyond simply filling positions. We focus on building partnerships. We take a holistic approach to address both current and future challenges

        Our services range from staffing solutions for IT and Non-IT businesses. Driven by our commitment to excellence, rationale to create value by bring right fit at the right time. We create Economic opportunities for people and experience for client. We believe in simple approach- meeting your hiring needs in transparent and user-friendly experience.


        Over the years, we have worked across a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, and more. Our wide-ranging experience equips us with a unique understanding of industry-specific challenges and requirements, making us a compatible partner for any sector.

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