Workforce Development Program

Our Workforce Development Programs provide an opportunity to redesign your career path by acquiring new skills, upskilling, and career re-connection in new and often emerging fields. These programs are completely free of charge and cater to individuals seeking a competitive advantage as they re-enter the job market or transition into a different industry. We offer a variety of programs in various emerging industries throughout Alberta, focusing on areas with the highest demand.

  • Empower Women
  • Training in CyberSecurity
  • TECH Training

Check Your Eligibility

Are You Eligible?

  • A Resident in Calgary or Surrounding Area
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Candian Citizen or Permanent Resident; Legally Entitled To Work In Canada
  • Unemployed or Marginally Employed( working less than 20 hours per week)
  • Ready, Willing and Able to Participate in the 15-week(Full Time) Program

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